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Extreme Networks Wi-Fi Solutions Provide Key Infrastructure Super Bowl LV –

Extreme Networks Wi-Fi Solutions Provide Key Infrastructure Super Bowl LV –36469-Super-Bowl-55-Infographic TW-FB-LI-Social-Images 01 - Copy

Unique Wi-Fi Usage at Super Bowl LV Reflects Rapid Digital Transformation of the NFL

Extreme Networks, who are the Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider for the NFL and of Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay, have revealed the results of wireless usage at the most unique Super Bowl in the League’s history. Super Bowl LV marked the eighth consecutive year Extreme delivered Wi-Fi network solutions and Wi-Fi analytics technology for the championship event.

This was the  First 100% Cash-Free, Mobile Ticketed NFL Game

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Taking Deal Making to the Extreme CEO Ed Meyercord and COO Norman Rice met in November 2013, this where the story begins.

Taking Deal Making to the Extreme (Wireless Networks )

Extreme Networks a 20year old networking company Founded in 1996, headquartered in San Jose, California, was a leader in its time but had become tired and hard-wired. Following a chance meeting at a yard sale Extreme now has a new start.

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Bitdefender Launches UK Partner Programme for B2B

Bitdefender is expanding  its UK Partner Programme to address growing enterprise security concerns

Andy Brockhurst met Bitdefender’s Chief Security Strategist,  Peter Laakkonen, OEM General Manager,  and Jamie Pearce, UK & Ireland Regional Sales Director to discuss the move into the  enterprise space, with a view to recruiting  key distributors and OEM specialists and resellers in the UK.

The aim is to build a UK Partner Programme,  to address the increasing threat landscape from business security headaches and protect the enterprise from sophisticated threats with the upscaling of its established UK partner programme.

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Dial through & European data prices as low as 0.01 cent per MB (2)

European data prices as low as one cent (in Euros) per MB

A UK based Mobile Network Operator in collaboration with European Reseller announced today that they have completed a deal which provides incredibly low mobile data prices around the world. 

Considerable reductions on regular call through dialing.

The agreement with a new donor IMSI supplier gives us access to wholesale roaming data prices at a fraction of the current EU regulated wholesale caps. Not limited to the EU, the prices on key destinations such as Australia, USA, New Zealand, Russia and Turkey are also drastically reduced. We now plan to offer these wholesale prices to our white label partners who can resell to their subscribers at a substantial profit. The company also offer wholesale data bundles, something that previous costs did not allow. The bundles are not limited to the EU, but include many other countries. The service can be provided as data only or one that also supports full voice and SMS. This product is based on the very cheap pricing.

Money on fire


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Yellowfin signs up System C, UK Health and Social Care software supplier

Yellowfin has a 100 percent channel-based go-to-market strategy and this partnership will see System C provide Yellowfin‘s BI solution, to its existing and future healthcare clients throughout the UK.  Yellowfin Managing Director for EMEA, Peter Baxter, said System C was a perfect example of the type of reseller that Yellowfin was looking to partner with in the UK.

System C provides its customers with clinical and patient administration systems  offering the ability to have a flexible data presentation tool  allowing customers to monitor and understand their performance in  near real-time giving time for strategic decision-making.

Pete Baxter-Yellowfin MD-WEB


Peter Baxter MD Yellowfin

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Estos and SerVonic Grow Together

Estos a Unified Communications company acquires serVonic a Unified Messaging company.

Both companies combine their forces under the roof of estos GmbH, located in Olching near Munich, Germany, the new refreshed estos merge into a complete product portfolio in the field of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC).

Combined with serVonic, estos will offer all the essential means of communication for companies from one hand for partners and customers: Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Instant Messaging (Chat) and Presence Management, Audio / Video-Communication and Desktop Sharing from estos improve the collaboration within the company and also beyond individual enterprises by means of Federation.

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How to Become a Master Negotiator 7 Keys

To help resellers and dealers maximize their bargaining prowess in business and in life, here Eldonna lists the 7 critical strategies for emerging victorious in any negotiation to European Reseller:

Project confidence through preparedness

Many people think they need to show a certain kind of confidence, like being loud, bold or brazen, to successfully negotiate a deal. Others think that a lot of experience is required to be a good negotiator.  Most of the time it merely takes tenacity and good old preparation to ensure you are aptly equipped to assert mutually desirable terms, anticipate objections, and discern what are motivators or “hot buttons” will resonate with your opponent. Projecting confidence also means having heart, which is endearing to others whether or not you have years of negotiation experience. This can also result in the opposition having a less defensive stance, making them more amenable to your stipulations. Projecting a notable level of confidence, and backing that up with solid, well-researched information, will help ensure you prevail.

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Trends and Security Threats for 2019

Trends and Security Threats for 2019

While some of these trends started in 2017 or even 2013 they are expected to continue, others will bring new challenges for security professionals.


36 inch chest, 28 inch waist, 35inch hip


Internet of things IoT

The number of connected “things” is outpacing the ability to make them secure, many devices will have little security built in and they will give access to the “Hub” and therefore the network both in the home and in the business and the speed and appetite for new items will exacerbate the problem. Connected devices need flexible access to service the items and that means that today many organisations are migrating their application servers to the cloud. The ‘Hello Kitty’ and Talk Talk hacks just before Christmas is just the start, what will be the 2016 hack of the year!

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Proposal and Meeting Preparation

The Proposal

Following your conversation send a proposal, confirming that facts and figures you have already discussed.  If you are in a  competition you will know the outline of the proposition and  secured a place among the final contenders. It’s time to position yourself as the only option. As proposals can be used to demonstrate the full extent of your understanding and expertise, they should be used to their full effect. You’re asking for commitment, for attention and time, so put some in yourself.

Effective proposals don’t just disclose proposed terms, they educate and confirm the facts discussed and persuade potential customers.

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