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Next Generation of Mobile Network Architecture.

SK Telecom and LG-Ericsson prepare 5G without SDN

Pressés par la nécessité de proposer un réseau de télécommunication toujours plus confronté à l’exigence des utilisateurs en matière de capacité comme de réactivité, les opérateurs se tournent vers le SDN et la virtualisation du réseau à leur tour après les datacenters et entreprises. C’est dans cet esprit que Ericsson-LG et SK Telecom entrent dans un partenariat de R&D afin de développer la future génération d’architecture du réseau mobile.

La coentreprise Ericsson et LG, et l’opérateur coréen vont intégrer et tester les technologies de SDN (Software Defined Network), NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) et cloud. Ces innovations visent à faciliter la gestion du réseau pour les administrateurs, notamment en matière d’automatisation du provisionnement, tout en ouvrant la promesse de nouveaux services pour les opérateurs. Avec, à la clé, des économies de coûts, tant sur la capitalisation que l’opérationnel.

Ericson LG CLOUDconverge connect network 300x113

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First e-commerce Sale

It’s 20 years to the day, since NetMarket claimed they conducted the very first secure retail transaction via the internet (on the cloud although it wasnt called that) - the sale of the Album “Ten Summer’s Tales” by Sting. It’s contentious whether this really was the first secure transaction via the web, but it’s the event which the media remembers as ‘the one’.. This set the stage for the development of ecommerce and online shopping to the level we know today. The rest is fluffy and history!

Here’s a brief timeline of the major shifts and developments in ecommerce or the use of the cloud ( for selling) and the opportunities offered in logistics and vendors and resellers over the past 20 years:


The channel that has emerged around selling on line.

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G-Cloud in the UK Government

The G-Cloud framework is a UK government programme aimed at promoting government-wide adoption of cloud computing. G-Cloud has been developed to give customers access to pay-as-you-go services as a cheaper alternative to traditionally sourced ICT. G-Cloud is a key component of the British Government’s ICT strategy.

The G-Cloud framework allows you to choose and purchase cloud services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. The framework is for commodity based, pay-as-you go services.

 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platforms as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and finely  for services outside of the three traditional ‘as a service’ (aaS) areas to support customers taking on cloud services.

The Crown Commercial Service has brought together Government’s central commercial capability into a single organisation, amalgamating Government Procurement Service with other commercial teams from the Cabinet Office and central government departments.


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Dutch & UK Offer Customers International Connectivity

Kaia Global Networks & EvoSwitch to Offer Customers International Connectivity

Co-location, IP Transit Service in Europe and the US

A new collaboration between the Dutch company EvoSwitch & Kaia Global Networks this Latest partnership enables Netherlands customers to have direct access to all leading Internet Exchanges, World Class IP Transit and International network connectivity. Through this partnership, Kaia Global Networks is focused on delivering industry-leading solutions to EvoSwitch customers to support its backbone networks and to give access to their customers to the fastest, most secure and most reliable network.

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Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market to Total $131 Billion

IaaS Continues as Fastest-Growing Market Segment

The public cloud services market is forecast to grow 18.5 percent in 2013 to total $131 billion worldwide, up from $111 billion in 2012, according to Gartner, Inc. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), including cloud compute, storage and print services, continued as the fastest-growing segment of the market, growing 42.4 percent in 2012 to $6.1 billion and expected to grow 47.3 percent in 2013 to $9 billion.


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Lepide Exchange Manager

How does LEM work?
Lepide Exchange Manager offers a complete exchange recovery and backup restore solution with the facility to search, export and recover the entire mailboxes

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  or selected email items from corrupt information stores, live exchange servers, exchange backups and OST files.

Claimed Benefits:

Reduce costs of maintaining expensive recovery server
Restore only required data from backup and cut down the cost and storage space consumed in maintaining brick level Exchange server backups.
Reduce cost and resource consumption in small migrations.
Complete package for Exchange database repair, backup restoration, migration, email search and OST restoration. No need to drain your pocket again and again for any of these requirements.

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A new Vocabulary for David

Cloud computing has created the need for a new vocabulary - and new languag es. How quickly are we adapting to this new way of working?
From terminals, to PCs  and from storage, to the cloud

cloud stack

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Colt adds data services to portfolio

Colt Ceano has enhanced  its offering to enable channel partners to offer customers connectivity to their data and applications as well as enhanced network and web security

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K3 launches dedicated international hosting division

Business Technology Group (K3) has launched a new IT consultancy division to deploy and manage secure cloud services all over the world with access to 300 international datacentre's.


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Preparing the Channel for cloud-based services

An over view of what the cloud can do for you and the opportunities

As the market for new cloud-based services continues to grow,there is some nervousness among many channel partners about their role in the value chain,

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PC shipments in EMEA declined 16%,

According to the latest research from International Data Corporation (IDC), PC shipments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) declined 16%, reaching 21.4 million units in the third quarter of 2013.

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