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Convergence Africa World 2015 expo at Nairobi, Kenya during 17-19 June 2015

Africa’s event to showcase Convergence of Telecom, Media, Broadcast & IT industries…..

The use of ICT in Africa is growing rapidly. African countries are harmonizing policy and regulatory frameworks for smooth transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. As digitization spreads, internet on mobile phones will increase 20-fold in the next five years.

This is double the rate of growth in the rest of the world together with the reseller oportunities this will be explosive

 Some examples of growth in Africa are......  

 Data centres using the local resources, Sunshine


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Benefits and Advantages of a Modular Data Centre

Benefits and Advantages of a Modular Data Centre include:

Flexible and scalable design: The modular data centre incorporates a snap-together design with a removable wall design. With the economies of scale and the benefits of repeatable, standardised modules, it is easy to match demand and scale infrastructure quickly.  Modules can be added when extra capacity is required or scaled down when infrastructure becomes obsolete.

 Flexibilility         Speed        Efficient         CapEx            OpEX           PUE

Sever Worker

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French fibre in the DRC

French telecommunications giant Orange and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  have signed a ‘strategic’ deal, which will see the France-based company take control of the country’s optic fibre platform and manage it through a long term lease, and therefore serve Orange DRC subscribers with a high speed internet connection.

Orange, who launched its mobile operations in DRC in December 2012, is said to boast some three million subscribers in this mineral-rich Central African nation of 75 million people.

The signing ceremony took place in Kinshasa and was overseen by the country’s minister of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT, Kin-Kiey Mulumba.

Mulumba said signing the deal with Orange helped to correct the ‘anomaly’ and give the mobile operator the legal means to compete fairly with its rivals.

PTTIC RDC jpg 370x285 upscale q85

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Bringing the World Wide Web to Zambia

What could be the most advanced communications technology in the world was showcased in Lusaka this week as Chinese communications equipment giant Huawei Technologies welcomed its “Connected Possibilities – Make it Possible” demonstration truck to Zambia.

Yamfwa Mukanga the  Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications  officially launched the Zambia leg of the company’s road-show, in which the vehicles travel thousands of miles across the continent to exhibit the latest state-of-the art information and communications technology (ICT) equipment.

Mr Mukanga  expressed that by harnessing this technology – and encouraging others to do so – his government knows that it will help Zambia achieve the middle-income status by 2030. That will in turn bring prosperity, employment and transform the quality of life for all citizens.  They need to turn these possibilities into reality in order to keep ahead  of the game. Technology is changing fast and Zambia can leap frog ahead of it other  African nations by embracing new technology. For this reason it is vital that they all learn from the latest technology trend brought by Huawei.


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Data Centre Alliance Board of Governors.

Data Centre Alliance – the global not-for-profit industry representative body has elected six of the industry’s most powerful and respected chiefs to its Board of Governors.

Announcing the new appointments Date Centre Alliance (DCA) President Steven Norris (himself a former UK member of Parliament who held the position of Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Departments of Trade & Industry, Environment and Home Office) said, “In just two years the Data Centre Alliance has grown from being the brainchild of Simon Campbell-Whyte and Steve Hone to the highly respected industry representative body it is now.

.StevenNorris President DataCen

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Prefabricated Data Centres by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Announces Availability of Prefabricated Data Centres up to 2MW

This new inovation enables rapid deployment and provides enhanced flexibility for data centre growth, enabling all site base work to be conducted prior to installation, with containers(sic) factory assembled IT, power and cooling, modules in a dry and secure environment.

Schneider-Unit R10 WEB

Schneider Electric, who is a global specialist in energy management, has set a new standard in prefabricated data centres with the introduction of 14 prefabricated data centre modules and 12 new prefabricated Data Centre Reference Designs. With unsure weather, this modular data centre is growing before your eyes. With delivery and installation almost as easy as fitting a small storage unit. Complete with n for your growing needs, the production time scale of work on site and off site is hugely reduced. But also flexibility is included allowing for phased growth.

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Huawei delivers "All in One" container Data Centre

8 usable racks (45U x 600 x 1000) with a power density of 3.5kW (actual) per rack

Hyawei container-layout

 Power 60kW net IT load (60kVA overall UPS capacity N+1)

 DX Cooling 30kW Net IT Load (N+1)

Complete with UPS, Switch panels, Fire Suppression, DX Cooling, CCTV and access control.

Unit dimensions are 12192 mm x 2438 x 2896 (L x W x H)

Availability within 1 week

Locate Anywhere - Simply Locate…Power Up…Connect to Network…GO!

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Dell in Datacentres Company Profile

Get the confidence and knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your data center with a complimentary performance assessment.

Dell main-image

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CIS Data Centre Growth

Baltic data center operator DEAC hits record high turnover

Sever Worker      DEAC turnover 2013 sm

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