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Veridos Wins Zambian eID Card Project

The Republic of Zambia has awarded Veridos with a ontract to deliver contactless chip, polycarbonate electronic ID cards to Zambia. The new eID card, fulfils the highest quality standards and offers convenient multi-application options to Zambian citizens.

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SATO Expands NX Series 6-inch l Thermal Printer

Promoted as an all-in-one unit the CL6NX aims to help customers to optimise asset management, increase supply visibility and to boost operational efficiency

SATO a provider of Auto-ID solutions has  announced  the launch of the new CL6NX, a 6-inch industrial thermal printer designed for easy integration and industrial durability. Targeting the manufacturing, warehousing, supply chain logistics, healthcare and retail markets.

Sato-WEB-ST3439 CL6NX

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Internet of things Tesco Virtual supermarket

Online shopping is nothing new, but this is a little different, launched in 2011 in South Korea, one company says it's going further, It's testing out a virtual supermarket in a public place.

This virtual supermarket is primarily designed for commuters at Seolleung underground station in Seoul, there's a row of brightly lit billboards along the platform, with hundreds of pictures of food and drink - everything from meat, fruit, milk, eggs to instant noodles and pet food.

All set up by Homeplus, the South Korean affiliate of the United Kingdoms  supermarket chain Tesco.Wideview-virtual-store-WEB62

Standing on the platform, a man in his 60s who gives his name as Mr Bae, says it looks to him like an advertisement for a convenience store. But when I explain it's a virtual supermarket that you access with your smartphone, he doesn't seem impressed. He says he doesn't have a smartphone, so it's not for him. But he says, it's a good idea for younger Koreans.

No time to shop

A major South Korean retailer has opened what it appears to be the world's first virtual store geared to smartphone users, with shoppers scanning barcodes of products displayed in a Seoul subway station. Homeplus, the nation’s second largest discount chain, is offering 500 items including food, electronics, office supplies and toiletries at its "store" at Seolleung station in the south of the city of 10 million.


Seven pillars and six platform screen doors have been plastered with images of life-size store shelves filled with goods -- such as bananas, steak, apples, a bag of rice or school  equipment, pens paper -- each item has a small barcode. Shoppers download an App on their smartphone and make purchases by taking photos of the barcodes.


"You place an order when you go to work in the morning and can see the items delivered at home when you come home at night," said a spokeswoman for Homeplus.

It gets better this is a version of the IoT ( Internet of things), consumers don’t have to be anywhere near the virtual store. For example, if you want to order replacements of a bottle of water at your office or in your home or even sitting on the train, you don’t have to visit the subway station. You simply scan the bottle’s barcode with the Homeplus app. The products are delivered later to home or office.



Crowd Funding in Northwest Switzerland

Two young entrepreneurs, both graduates of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Northwestern Switzerland, have invested more than 1 million dollars towards the development of their ultra-light GPS-cat collar, Alan Ellenberger and Claudio Gloor, two young entrepreneurs, hope to be the first to crack the 10 million dollar-limit?

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TSC´s new TA210 Series Thermal Printer

Just in time for the LogiMAT February 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany, TSC Auto ID has introduced its new four-inch-wide-format thermal-transfer printer, the TA210 series. The compact desktop printer is an up-graded version of its popular predecessor, the TA200 series, which it now replaces. There are two models available that primarily differ in their print speeds.

With five inches per second, the standard TA210 is faster than the TA200 and offers a 203-dpi resolution. The higher resolution version, the TA310, with four inches per second and 300 dpi, is ideal for producing two-dimensional barcodes, fine text and small-graphics labels.

TSC Auto IDPrintersTA210

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SATO Group establishing 2 new companies SATO Global Solutions and SATO International

SATO, a global barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions, have  announced plans to accelerate its global growth strategy through the establishment of two new group companies –

SATO Global Solutions and SATO International.

Both companies will officially launch in January 2015, with SATO Global Solutions headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, and SATO International in Tokyo, Japan.

As part of SATO’s long-term strategy, corporate globalisation and maximisation of customer value were targeted as focus areas to grow its business overseas.

sato banner

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Lamborghini Teams up with Datalogic

The Gryphon™ bar code reader, by Datalogic ADC, a producer of Automatic Data Capture  equipment, is working  speed and efficiency linking up with the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo series.

This top-of-the-line linear imager by Datalogic guarantees accurate and secure access control operations at the team and VIP entrances of this famous event hosted by Lamborghini and Blancpain.

The exceptional world-class car manufacturer, Lamborghini, gives drivers the opportunity to race in its one-make racing series once a year in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo.

2014-lamborghini-aventado-1 600x0w

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Psion integrated Global Navigation handheld devices

Blackroc Procyon range of GNSS receivers based on Psion Workabout Pro 3 provides professional grade GNSS capability fully integrated within a handheld unit.

Psion and Blackroc Technology announce new range of integrated Global Navigation Satellite System handheld devices

First mass availability commercial product built on the principles of Psion’s unique Open Source Mobility philosophy – Psion PLC (LSE: PON.L), a global provider of mobile computing solutions, and Blackroc Technology Ltd, a mobile computing and data capture specialist, announce the first mainstream global positioning handheld units that offer pinpoint location accuracy. By integrating a high specification Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver into the Psion Workabout Pro 3 handheld computer, the Blackroc Technology Procyon™ unit can achieve ‘fix accuracy’ up to 1 to 2 centimetres.

The Procyon solution was made possible by Psion’s Open Source Mobility (OSM) strategy.


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Southern Water in UK Selects New Rugged Tablet for field service teams

Taiwanese producer has signed a deal to supply Southern Water In the United kingdom with Getac’s 380 F110 Windows 8 fully rugged tablets for field service use.

The devices will be a critical component of Southern Water’s Work and Asset Management and Management Information (WAMMI) initiative, designed to streamline operations out in the field and improve service for customers.

Southern Water selected these devices following feedback from field service operatives who rated the F110 tablet as superior to their existing hardware. Southern Water impressed by the ability to deliver a fully rugged device at a cost-effective price. The devices are expected to be in operation by the end of June 2015.

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Worldwide Tablet Growth Expected to Slow to 7.2% in 2014 Along With First Year of iPad Decline

The worldwide tablet market is expected to see a massive deceleration in 2014 with year-over-year growth slowing to 7.2%, down from 52.5% in 2013, according to a new forecast from IDC. At the core of this slowdown is the expectation that 2014 will represent the first full year of decline in Apple iPad shipments. Both the iPad and the overall market slowdown do not come as a surprise as device lifecycles for tablets have continued to lengthen, increasingly resembling those of PCs more than smartphones.

The tablet market continues to be impacted by a few major trends happening in relevant markets. the early stages of the tablet market, device lifecycles were expected to resemble those of smartphones, with replacement occurring every 2-3 years. What has played out instead is that many tablet owners are holding onto their devices for more than 3 years and in some instances more than 4 years. We believe the two major drivers for longer than expected tablet lifecycles are legacy software support for older products, especially within iOS, and the increased use of smartphones for a variety of computing tasks.Add to this the larger smartphones, known as phablets. 


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Internet via smartphones and wearable technologyN

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced it will offer a new range of application processors Increasingly the delivery of video and audio over the internet enabling set top boxes and similar equipment to receive the service and distribute contents to PCs and smartphones via a wireless LAN.

The TZ5000 series application processors integrate the high-speed wireless LAN function required for high-quality video distribution plus embedded NAND flash memory to save user programs and store large amounts of data as cache. This reduces the number of external ICs and mounting area, contributing to downsizing of equipment. This will also be a leading component in Wearable technology.


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Datalogic US50 Long-Range Ultrasonic Sensors

Datalogic Automation has announced the introduction of the new US50 series of ultrasonic sensors with M50 plastic tubular housing, and thus enlarging the existing measurement device portfolio.

Datalogic Automation US50 is the new series of ultrasonic sensors with M50 plastic tubular housing. All models are provided with a radial emitting head and offer the following versions:

  • Digital bipolar PNP/NPN NO/NC configurable output;
  • Analogue 0-10V / 4-20mA configurable output.

Operating distance from 200mm to 8m makes US50 ideal solution for all industrial applications where the target must be detected or measured really far away from the sensor.

DataLogic-US50 hr 2

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The First E-Business Application to Use the European Citizen Card

At this year's CeBIT, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) and Wirecard Bank AG were showcasing the first e-business application that utilizes the electronic ID card, which several European Union member states are planning to introduce.

To use the application, consumers have to register with Wirecard Bank's internet payment service, Wirecard, and install special software and a simple contactless card reader on their home PCs. This new application allows banks and consumers to authenticate one another using an official personal identity document and a personal identification number (PIN) for the first time ever.

Giesecke & Devrient's new launch represents the first implementation of the standards for microchip-equipped European Citizen Cards along with the middleware to support commercial applications. "This is a major milestone for e-government and e-business applications. Users and online service providers can benefit from added security in their internet transactions, thanks to secure mutual authentication based on an official electronic document," noted Hans-Wolfgang Kunz, group executive for the Government Solutions business unit at Giesecke & Devrient.

Several European countries, including Germany, are planning to introduce electronic personal ID documents with integrated microchips. Citizens will thus be able to identify themselves to government offices on the Internet as well. At the same time, the electronic ID can also help make e-business applications more secure - and more convenient, since it eliminates the need to maintain numerous user names and passwords for various internet portals.

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Wrap around gaming with a portable desktop

ACME Portable produces a new three-screen computer system , designed to put gamers in the middle of the action.

The new GTS370 portable has fold-out 17-inch LCDs on each side of the middle display to give gamers a wrap-around close-up view three and a half feet wide.

Simply half-folding the screens can dramatize the 3D look while the 5msec refresh screens driven by a Dual nVidia 8800GTX video card deliver a life-like gaming experience.

There’s more than just the screens.

The GTS370 engine is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz processor with 4GB of RAM. An 8-channel audio card provides the true sound effects while dual gigabyte LAN buses enhance multiplayer interaction. A 10,000rpm 740GB main hard drive and dual 7200rpm 500GB drives keep the quad-core processor fed. In addition to the Dual gigabit LAN buses, the system has both Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 connectors among other features.

ACME Portable produces a new three-screen computer GTS370

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The Barcode Warehouse & TSC Auto

The Barcode Warehouse a UK dealer and system integrator and supplier of barcode solutions, will offer its customers a differentiated product line by TSC Auto ID, one of the worlds top 10 manufacturers of powerful, competitive label printers.

With signature on the contract in September, the two companies established a partnership programmed for success, providing both resellers and end customers in different industries with mature auto ID solutions

.Since its founding in 1991, TSC Auto ID has implemented over 1.5 million printers worldwide, oriented exclusively towards customer needs and outstanding for their reliability, long service life and simple handling.

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SATO revolutionary TH2 label printer

SATO, an international leader in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a leader in barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions has launched the revolutionary new TH2 label printer

aimed at the retail and food markets which offers portable, standalone, intelligent printing in a price bracket which differentiates it markedly from competitive offerings.

SATO-TH2 Retail for Web150dpi

The TH2 label printer has applications for any business involving food and is particularly suited to quick-serve restaurants. With its internal real-time clock the TH2 enables users to adhere easily to food preparation and labelling legislation as it simply calculates pull, thaw and use by dates (and times) for products stored in its user specific database without the possibility of operator error.

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Brian Lang, Managing Director SATO talks with European Reseller

Hello Brian.

Thank you for taking the time to explain SATO's approach to your channel partners !

1. How would you describe what SATO International Europe does?

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TSC Auto ID expands its Russian sales team

Victoria Grobushkina is responsible for the Russian Auto ID market

TSC Auto ID Technology EMEA GmbH adds a new member to its sales team: Victoria Grobushkina is the new Sales Manager Easter Europe with responsibility for distributors, resellers and customers in the Russian Federation and the other Russian-speaking countries.

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Uk's NHS organisations take up Telematics Technology to drive cost reduction strategies

Cybit, the online Telematics Service Provider, has announced an increased take up of Fleetstar telematics from some of the UK's largest NHS authorities,

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Free software licenses for Identity and Access Management solutions

Identity management is the combination of business process and technology used to manage data on IT systems safety and security of data applications when utilising cloud computing.

Hitachi ID Systems, a developer of Identity and Access Management solutions, announced today a competitive upgrade program for Oracle Waveset (formerly Sun Identity Manager) customers.

For a limited time, Hitachi ID Systems is offering free software licenses, discovery services and project scoping services to customers who wish to migrate their user provisioning and/or password management system to Hitachi ID Identity Manager and Hitachi ID Password Manager.

“We have been approached by customers seeking a cost effective replacement for Oracle Waveset since Oracle scaled back investment in the old Sun Identity Manager,” says Gideon Shoham, CEO. “Our no-cost license offer is a compelling option for organizations seeking better alternatives.”

The Hitachi ID Management Suite offers significant advantages to former Sun Identity Manager customers, including:

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New Director at Euro Plus

Euro Plus, the developer of NiceLabel software has gone through organizational changes, as Mr. Matej Kosmrlj (pictured) assumes the position of managing director.

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