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Friday, Jul 12th

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BCT’s first success in partnership with Proceed United Kingdom

Back in July 2008 BCT Guiding Documents experienced its first success working together with partner Proceed in the United Kingdom after signing their partnership agreement.

Since the beginning of 2008, BCT Guiding Documents has been actively expanding their business in the United Kingdom. On May last Hans Leijdekkers, channel manager Europe at BCT, succeeded in signing a contract with Proceed, a specialist in creating Productised Services for specific markets for SAP UK. Last week the companies succeeded to have BCT included in the Packaged Service Program of SAP in the UK and Ireland this Fall.

Productised Service
Proceed is the leading developer of a highly successful range of fixed price, fixed scope Productised Services. Together with BCT they are working on developing a packaged service for departmental mail processing to integrate with SAP. This package is ready-to-use product that can be used on a wide platform. It allows documents to be quickly digitised for electronic distribution to single or multiple recipients with important index data extracted for quick and easy retrieval, reducing costs and improving a departments overall efficiency. Close to having a SAP certified product, this collaboration helps BCT to conquer a prominent position in the UK market.

BCT Guiding Documents is the Dutch provider of systems for Automatic Document Recognition (ADR), document management, enterprise content management and workflow management. Their modularly constructed enterprise content management system, CORSA, is the basis for the efficient management of all documents, mail, relations and workflow. With CORSA BCT provides more than 650 organisations with software for managing documents.