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Friday, Jul 12th

Last updateFri, 16 Jun 2023 8am

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DMS Resellers can now include Tiff Maker module

DMS resellers, reselling DocuWare software can now boast that version 5.1 contains important enhancements of the TIFFMAKER module.

While printing with color form overlays, documents can be archived fully automatically at the same time, even in color. Other new features: back pages and attached pages can be stored in the document pool and TIFFMAKER can be used in 64-bit mode.

Color forms or letterhead in a PNG, JPG, or BMP format may also be added as overlays with DocuWare. Using DocuWare TIFFMAKER 5.1, documents can both be printed out and simultaneously stored in color along with the form/letterhead. In addition, DocuWare 5.1 gives users the option to add back/attached pages automatically to any document.

This means, for example, that general company policies can be printed on the backside of a document or a mailing can include company news or advertisements as an attachment. The user can determine if these back/attached pages should only be printed or if they should automatically be stored along with the rest.
The new TIFFMAKER module may also be run in 64-bit mode. This makes it fully functional with 64-bit Terminal Servers or within Citrix environments. With all the expanded functionality, the DMS specialist gives users more flexibility for print output with the least amount of effort for printing, storing and searching.

DocuWare AG is based in Germering near Munich, Germany.  The company’s US subsidiary, DocuWare Corporation, is located in Newburgh, New York and is responsible for all activities in North, Central and South America.  DocuWare Ltd., its subsidiary in London, handles all activities for Great Britain and Ireland. DocuWare España located in Barcelona is responsible for the market in Spain.