Good Energy offers faster, flexible electric car charging through new EV Installer partner Crystal EV Charging

Good Energy to offer faster, flexible electric car charging through new EV Installer partner Crystal EV Charging

New agreement will simplify smart charging for EV drivers

Green Electric supplier, Good Energy, has today announced a partnership with Crystal EV charging.


Good Energy will work with Crystal to install Vestel charge points – a high-quality charger with smart functionality. Customers will have a choice of a standard 7.4kW or faster 22kW charge point to suit their needs, with either tethered or untethered charging cables.

The partnership provides Good Energy customers with the opportunity to charge their electric car from the comfort of their own homes. The flexibility of home-charging ensures that charging is faster, safer, and easier while adapting around peoples' busy lifestyles. 

The Vestel smart charger is WIFI enabled and offers complete control to plug in, or schedule charging remotely. This is particularly beneficial for drivers who are able to time their charging with off-peak electricity rates offered by time of use tariffs, such as Good Energy’s Green Driver tariff.

Karen Langford, EV Charge Point Category Lead at Vestel, said: “Electric vehicles will play an integral part in enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint as individuals, as well as meet our carbon net zero goals as a nation. We’re proud to be partnering with Good Energy and Crystal to make EV charge points more accessible for thousands of homes across the country, paving the way for greater confidence in electric car ownership, and with it a greener future.”

The partnership comes as the demand for EVs continues to soar in the UK. Industry forecasts show that EVs will soon be as affordable as ICE models, with price parity a possibility as early as 2024.

The UK now has over 24,000 public charging devices across over 15,000 locations. Home and workplace chargers are even more numerous. Over 140,000 domestic charge point installations have already benefited from the government’s £350 home charge point installation grants.