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Friday, Jul 12th

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Death of the SatNav

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Free sat nav app comes to a Windows Phone near you. Powered by Navmii. This No cost navigation app operates on Windows Phone platform. Offering Free navigation and crowd-sourced traffic, complwte with HD maps. Offering Points of Interest, fast navigation

Navmii is the developer of GPS navigation applications and location technologies. Headquartered in London United Kingdom, with offices in San Francisco and St Petersburg, Russia .


Launched in September 2010, claimng to be the very first free navigation app on iPhone. It uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) map data ( which uses  crowd-sourced map data, and is constantly being improved by the global community of over 850,000 contributors. In many areas OSM rivals commercial map data, in other areas the map data still has to grow, but as the OSM and Navmii community grows so does the quality of the data. All of this is good news but it some what limits the opportunity for resellers and distributors.


Multi country Data

100% completely free point to point navigation across almost 90 countries, has already been receiving rave reviews on the Windows Phone platform.

Available on all of the major phone platforms now including windows together with  iOS, Android and Blackberry. More than 99.5% of smartphone users can now enjoy simple and clear turn-by-turn navigation in the car or on foot for free with Navmii. 

With mapping available for 87 countries including the UK, Eastern and Western Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, with promises to roll out to further countries in the next few months. 

“The addition of Windows Phone to the portfolio of our apps demonstrates our commitment to grow Navmii into the default navigation app for all smartphone users,” comments Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii. “We can now deliver to every major mobile platform, enabling smartphone and tablet users to enjoy Navmii wherever they are in the world and on whatever device.”