Bauhaus German DIY and garden goods installs Quail Digital

Bauhaus a leading German DIY and garden goods retailer, has installed Quail Digital communications systems in selected stores in order to improve customer service and increase efficiency across all areas of its operations.
The system enables supervisors and staff to keep in constant contact as they work throughout every area of the retail outlets, which can vary between 12,000 sq metres and 20,000 sq metres in capacity. 

Each department uses between four and nine wireless headsets which have now replaced the more cumbersome radiophones that had previously been utilised. The lightweight headsets operate hands free, need no belt pack or cables and are comfortable to wear throughout a working day.
The ease of communication means that staff are able to respond instantly to a range of issues from the cash desk, office and sales areas through to queries about individual articles and stock levels.

Quail Digital CEO Tom Downes comments on the latest use of the new equipment in the German outlets:
“Effective communication is absolutely essential for the smooth running of any customer focused organisation, whether it is a restaurant, a retail outlet, a library or a garden centre.  We are delighted that Bauhaus has installed the system and already the company is seeing a time saving of around a minute on each and every customer enquiry.  Customer service is greatly improved, staff are better supported and increased profitability is following.”

Bauhaus stores in Mannheim, Heidleberg, Düren, Freudenstadt and Saarbrücken are already using the system for staff in retail and drive-thru areas as well as in the garden centres. 
The system is easy to install and simple to use.  The headsets are hands-free, so staff are able to communicate continuously with their colleagues while carrying other duties and tasks. When the button on a keypad is pressed it sends a digital voice message to the headsets identifying the location and the nature of the request, for instance calling for assistance at a specific department or the need for card authorisation at a particular checkout. 

All staff wearing the Quail Digital headsets hear the messages and decide who is best to respond.