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Experience the eSIM explosion - Roaming (MVNO)

Become a Roaming eSIM Dealer(MVNO)   (Mobile Virtual Network Operators )


eSIMs are about to rock the world with the launch of the SIMless Apple iPhone 14 – Not an OPTION but a MUST


We offer a flexible model allowing you to set up as a Reseller or Dealer of Roaming eSIMs at fantastic wholesale rates


Set up for niche markets selling eSIM’s to your customers and provide low cost data services on a global basis


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Earn revenue whilst your customers save money on mobile services around the world

Roaming eSIMs that work in over 200 countries on 550+ networks globally

We provide all the back office portal, a wide choice of eSIMs .. everything you need ..  all you need is the audience

Flexible model allowing you to set up as an MVNO for Roaming eSIMs and niche markets.


Become a Roaming eSIM supplier and provide low-cost services digitally and instantly


  • Low start-up costs  All this for an investment of £5,000 - £10,000.
  • Your own branding possible

  Fully functional portal for customer Support

  • Set your own retail rates
  • Very quick start up…Be up and running within a few days.
  • Full set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to control and administer eSIMs
  • Daily CDRs (Call data records) for account management
  • Create Multiple rate sheets for different markets


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As a dealer you'll buy eSIMs and airtime from us wholesale at a discounted price.

You can set your own bundles and benefit from breakage. Administer change to meet your customer’s demands.

You can develop your own brand and provide all your customer support and develop your own brand & marketing.

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 visit our website

Alternatively…You can become a reseller of our brand ( investment of under £3,000 )

and Earn 10% on all mobile services used by your customers.


Avenir Telecom & Energizer HARDCASE H240S 4G Rugged Bar Phone


The Energizer Hardcase H240S claims to be a powerful and water resistant compact mobile phone.EnergiserHardCaseAT-H240S-intro

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The Americans are Coming and This Time they have an MVNO with Free calls

FreedomPop is a company based in Los Angeles, California, using the free services business model, the company provides wireless data voice and text services through  Clearwire and Sprint. wireless internet and mobile phone service provider

The companies claimed mission is to deliver free and fast mobile services to all Americans and now Brits.


FreedomPop is a new wave telecom company launched publicly in October 2012. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and backed by Skype Founder Niklas Zennstom's Atomico, Mangrove Capital, and DCM. Now  they are launching in the UK FreedomPop will be available across the UK initially and expanding to other areas in the future with no roaming fees.

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Low cost International calls

Low cost International  calls

SkipRoaming is a revolutionary product designed for Global travellers who are being fleeced by their mobile networks on the pretext of “International Roaming”. It has been a challenge for companies whose employees travel worldwide and the individual international traveller to minimize this expense.

1p to call India, chile, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany.

 just down load the app and you are fit to go.........Appleitunes ....Android-download

100 free calls  to india when you down load the App and use the code from european Reseller Promocode EUR001

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mobile phone scammers are using the FIFA World Cup

mobile phone scammers are using the FIFA World Cup to tempt Australians into providing their personal banking details in exchange for millions of dollars in phantom prizes.

While these recent incidents occurred in Australia, there’s no doubt that scammers around the world will seek opportunities to take advantage wherever possible. In fact, in anticipation of this activity FIFA warns fans everywhere to be wary of these scams and hoaxes and that “Prize draws and competitions offering tickets to the FIFA World Cup can only be held by companies who are commercially affiliated with FIFA, such as, for example, sponsors.”

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4 Key Impacts On Business and Residential telecoms,If No-Deal Brexit

4 Key Impacts On Business and Residential telecommunications (phone, mobile, broadband) if there is a no-deal Brexit 

As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit deal increases, what would be the impact on our telecoms if it were to happen?   Is it another instance of doom and gloom or are there any upsides? 

Dave Millett, director of Telecoms Brokerage company Equinox looks at the four main areas where there may be impacts for businesses and consumers.


As an industry, telecoms has not integrated very much across Europe.  Each country issues its own licences and phone numbers.   There are no minimum standards for 4G coverage or broadband speeds.  Although, the EU has stated it believes the minimum target speed should be 30 mbps - which is higher than the UK.

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A Replacement Screen Could Offer Hackers A Key To Your Smartphone

You might need to take extra precaution if you are getting third-party replacement parts fitted inside your smartphone — these parts could contain chips which can be used to hack your smartphone and extract important information, including your financial information and other passwords.

According to a new study by a group of researchers from Israel’s Ben Gurion University, titled “Shattered trust: When replacement smartphone components attack,” replacement displays, NFC readers, wireless charging components and other such smartphone parts, mostly sourced from third-party manufacturers can be easily used to hack into a device.

The third-party source code can be easily integrated into the vendor’s source code — the smartphone part will show a regular screen to the user while accessing information in the background. Since the part will be well-integrated into the device, it will also override the smartphone security protocols, and be assumed to be trustworthy by the software.

The researchers have showcased how a smartphone can be hacked using a replacement display in a video.

In the video, a malicious chip is integrated into the third-party touchscreen and is easily able to target the communication system of a Huawei Nexus 6P or an LG G Pad 7.0. This hack allowed the researchers to record all communication done on the smartphone including emails sent, the keyboard input used for sending messages, making calls and more. The researchers were also able to install malicious apps, which makes the scenario even scarier as a user’s device can be used for any illegal activity using such apps.

The study further claims that it is very difficult to differentiate between such malicious components and company parts — even seasoned technicians might not be able to differentiate between the two.

Also, since the hack is based on hardware and not software, even an antivirus would not be able to scan such vulnerabilities and as a result, a smartphone user would be at risk even if the person has taken all the regular precautions to protect the mobile data.

This kind of hack isn’t even expensive, cheap components can be fitted with maliciously programmed chips. In the given instance, researchers used commonly available components such as the ATmega328 single microchip controller — which is used for reading and writing files in a smartphone. When you copy a file or attach it in apps and mail, this is the hardware being used.

What is an IMSI -International Mobile Subscriber Identity

What does International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) mean?

This information is to aid Mobile Virtual Network Operator, (MVNO)

 An international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) is a unique number, usually fifteen digits, associated with Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) network mobile phone users. The IMSI is a unique number identifying a GSM subscriber.

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EE is set to begin challenging Ofcom’s Spectrum Cap

EE is set to begin challenging Ofcom’s decision , Three is already in challenging the watchdog’s new mobile spectrum cap.

“We’re supportive of Ofcom’s goal to release airwaves quickly, and we don’t want to stand in the way of that,” said an EE spokesperson. “We pragmatically accept that we are excluded from the 2.3GHz auction for 4G, and encourage Ofcom to continue without our participation. The UK needs a clear path to the introduction of 5G, so we are suggesting restructuring the 5G auction to introduce more 5G spectrum in one go – we want this to happen as soon as possible.

Blank phone

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3 Mobile to buy o2 Network

Hutchison Whampoa  a company which most of the UK will not know is the company behind Three mobile (networks or 3UK).  European Reseller first became aware of this company in 2000 when they over spent on the new spectrum auction all players looked ahead to the future and saw gold. They therefore took risks and made high bids, incurring large debt, raising an unprecedented  £22.5 billion (GBP).

O2 logo

At a time when finance was counted in millions and not billions.

Compare this with the recent 4G auction when bidding was cautious, with the auction raising £2.34bn, £1bn less than the UK Treasury had hoped.

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Italtel and Exprivia Partner to offer Iintegrated ICT in Italy

This agreement follows ten years of collaboration and forms a joint bid for telecom infrastructure, OSS monitoring systems and IT solutions for service providers and enterprises, with first commercial results already acquired through a number of IT contracts

Italtel, an Italian telecommunications and all-IP communication company , has partnered with Exprivia, another Italian company which is a, technology services and IT solutions company offering consultancy,  have signed a partnership agreement to strengthen their presence in the domestic Service Provider market.


The partnership will allow the companies to pool skills in order to create a joint commercial penetration plan for the Service Provider market.

Italtel and Exprivia will propose a joint offer which will integrate their expertise, products and services in Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), with typical IT components.

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Researchers Created Smartphone Battery That Charges In Only One Minute

Stanford University student  Ming Gong has revealed an  Aluminium Battery which only requires one minute to charge.

Last year, we reported Worldwide shipments of smartphones are expected to reach 234.5 million units in 2015, a modest year-over-year increase of 2.1% from the number of phones shipped in 2014.

 As smartphones becomes the essential must have item, the demand for longer-lasting batteries will continue to increase. Now  researchers at Stanford University are building an aluminum-ion battery prototype that speeds up the charging times. Scientists have built a flexible aluminium battery which they say could be a cheap, fast-charging and safe alternative to current designs.

Bendy BatteryStamford Image

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BT takes a MVNO Deal

BT is the latest  MVNO deal, albeit probably on a temporary basis,  BT’s mobile service runs over the EE network, as until the acquisition is completed the two remain separate companies. Its first foray into the market is three SIM only 4G mobile tariffs.

There are three data bundle options of 500MB, 2GB, and 20GB, all coming with unlimited text messages, which emphasises the move towards a data Hungary consumers , with minute allowance from 200 minutes to unlimited, all on a 12 month commitment. All three  plans are available to BT broadband customers at a monthly price £5 below the price offered to non-BT broadband customers, and the cheapest option, at £5 a month for BT customers, represents the lowest monthly charge for 4G plan available on the UK market. Although this cheapest rate is only available to a limited group (existing BT broadband customers), the higher prices that are available to everyone are still competitive. £10 a month for 500MB is slightly cheaper than with EE itself, for example, although EE’s £12.99 a month for 500MB includes more talk minutes than BT’s offer. It is also important to note that you do not need to be the bill payer to take advantage of the £5 a month discount – anyone from a BT broadband household can take advantage of these deals, and multiple SIM cards can be collected on one bill, or billed separately according to preference . In summary, the offer is competitive but not crazily so (as some recent media speculated it might be)

EELogo 0032-copy-1-762x428

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Predictions for Telecom Industry Change

Ofer Razon, of Pontis explains his predictions to European Reseller

Today’s digital landscape has created fresh challenges and opportunities for telecom service providers to reach their customers.  Mobile operators have seen the rise of a significant barrier that prevents the enhancement of the ever-critical provider/customer relationship and minimises the establishment of true brand loyalty. Providers usually engage when they have something to sell, will answer your calls – after a rather lengthy wait - in case of a major issue, but otherwise all interaction will be based on mass e-mails or texts that organise each customer into a large segment. The individual is lost, and the particular needs that they have are of secondary importance to the ability to squeeze as many customers as possible into easily targeted general categories.

Pontis Data WEBGraphic

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Gamma Launches Converged FTTC Broadband service

Gamma launches new Converged FTTC Broadband service

This latest addition to Gamma’s portfolio combines business-quality voice and high-speed internet access on Fibre-to-the-Cabinet  Broadband service.

This is a great selling opportunity within the channel for resellers and dealers, enabling stronger ongoing relationships with their customers and enjoying significant financial rewards.

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Apple are to Invest €1.7 Billion in New European Data Centres


State-of-the-art facilities in Ireland and Denmark will run on 100 percent renewable energy


Apple have announced a €1.7 billion plan to build and operate two data centres in Europe, each powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The combined footprint of the two data centres will equal some 332,000 square metres (3.5+ million square feet), the facilities, located in County Galway, Ireland, and Denmark’s central Jutland, will provide Apple’s online services including the iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Maps and Siri for customers across Europe.


Apple are moving further and further towards green technologies and cooling techniques, both sites are expected to operate on 100% renewable energy.“We are grateful for Apple’s continued success in Europe and proud that our investment supports communities across the continent,” Said Tim Cook. “This significant new investment represents Apple’s biggest project in Europe to date. We’re thrilled to be expanding our operations, creating hundreds of local jobs and introducing some of our most advanced green building designs yet.”


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Shipping - Apple Closes the Gap on Samsung

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Top 1.3 Billion for 2014

Strong end-user demand and an ever growing release of models have propelled smartphone volumes to new record levels this quarter and for the year. According to preliminary data from the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, smartphone vendors shipped a total of 375.2 million units during the fourth quarter of 2014 (Q4 2014), resulting in 28.2% growth when compared to the 292.7 million units shipped in Q4 2013 and 11.9% sequential growth above the 335.3 million units shipped in Q3 2014. For the full year, the worldwide smartphone market saw a total of 1,301.1 million units shipped, up 27.6% from the 1,019.4 million units shipped in 2013.

cloud money WEB2o6ji

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Top Connect Completes Acquisition of

Telecoms firm Top Connect today announces that it has completed the acquisition of Austrian-based TravelSIMshop and has transferred its users to the TravelSim brand, a subsidiary of Top Connect.

If you want to be part of the Telecom Revolution you can open your own MVNO 

The acquisition adds more than 120,000 customers to TravelSim's growing customer base, offering a roaming service, TravelSim claims more than 5 million regular users comprising travelling business executives and holidaymakers.

Most of's customers are based in Western Europe, and the company's headquarters is based in Vienna, Austria.

"We are delighted to welcome TravelSIMshop into our family of companies and this has been a very natural transition for both organizations," said Max Rivshin, CEO of Top Connect.

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CLX partners with major mobile operators in France

CLX Networks, a global enterprise messaging company has partnered with all the major mobile operators in France to strengthen its mobile messaging service in one of Europe’s key markets. Enabling its client base access to the whole of France, adding cross carrier short-codes to its existing service portfolio for both outbound and inbound messaging services in France.

France currently has 4 mobile networks, Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free all of which are licensed for GSM and UMTS. Before the launch of Free Mobile in January 2012, the number of physical mobile phone operators was very limited.

The average number of received enterprise SMS per subscriber in France is around four text’s per month. The French enterprise text market has a double-digit growth so France is one of the biggest potentials in Europe in terms of market growth.